Nappy Lingo

Nappy Lingo

MCN – Modern Cloth Nappies

OSFM – One Size Fits Most, size adjustable to grow with baby

AIO – All-in-one, a nappy where the absorbent lining is attached to the outer waterproof shell. All layers are in one nappy unit. You don’t need to separate /detach the inserts before washing. 

AI2 – All-in-two, a nappy where the absorbent materials are generally a snap in/removable style. This will simply lay inside the waterproof outer shell. It will need to be unsnapped before placing in the wash.

Pocket Nappy – a nappy where there will be a pocket opening between the outer waterproof shell and the inside layer that sits against baby’s skin. Absorbent Inserts can then be inserted inside the pocket between these two layers.

Stuff – Refers to inserting absorbent inserts into pocket nappies.

NB – Newborn baby

PUL – Polyurethane laminate. The waterproof outer fabric layer. Fabric is backed with the laminate and chemically bonded.

TPU – Thermoplastic Polyurethane. The waterproof outer layer, fabric backed with a laminate and heat bonded.

RAOK – Random Acts Of Kindness. Giveaways or donations.

WAHM – Work At Home Mum/Maker. A nappy or other reusable products that’s made and sewn by hand at home.

CC – China Cheapies. When you learn to navigate the vast cloth nappy world you learn to recognise the china cheapies from the brand name and WAHM nappies. There is generally a large price difference and quality can vary.

Prep – Preparing nappies for use. All new nappies need to be washed before they are first worn. Natural fibre nappies may need several washes or soaking to build absorbency.

S/S – Strip and Sanitise. Referring to a washing technique to help reset absorbency and clean out any build up in cloth nappies. Generally something that is done when second hand nappies are purchased. The process can be found on the Clean Cloth Nappies website.

EBF – Exclusively Breastfed. Generally referring to what baby eats as it affects baby’s poo and what cleaning is necessary.

FF – Formula Fed. Much the same as EBF for cleaning purposes.

Delamination – When the waterproof laminate layer separates from the fabric. This can be caused from high heat, age, or poor quality. There will be a crinkly look and usually a crunchy sound when this happens.