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Modern Cloth Nappy Hire

The Nappy Guru’s Modern Cloth Nappy Library is the ultimate  “try before you buy” service that makes it an easy and stress free and economical way to start your cloth nappy journey with all the additional accessories and support you need to succeed!

Newborn Hire Kit: Did you know that newborns go through 500 nappy changes in their first 6 weeks of life and that most One Size nappies are too bulky or ill fitting?  So why not reduce the environmental footprint while having fun choosing which gorgeous teeny tiny nappy will go on next and save your self the hassle of buying and selling newborn nappies that your child will grow out of within a few weeks!

We suggest that you choose the start date as your  Expected Delivery Date (EDD). You can choose to receive the kit before your EDD for those who want to start from hospital (1 week in advance) or after your baby arrives earthside and you are settled in at home (1-2 weeks after EDD). Please note that your hire starts from the day after your kit is received (picked up or delivered).  Book and pay for it here:

Brand Trial Hire Kit & Night Nappy Hire Kit & WAHM Nappy Hire Kit: Just like a book library but with nappies! With so many nappy brands out there and new ones popping up each week, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones will suit your family! This kit will help you make an informed decision with all the information at your fingertips! Each trial kit comes with a comprehensive contents list outlining the brand, style, model, size,  material, and the RRP with photos. Now you can compare prices and fit of different nappies side by side together in one place on your baby without the additional postage costs and hassle of buying several trial packs from various suppliers or trawling through buy and sell pages. And just like a real library – if you don’t see a nappy you want to try – request it and we can try to get it in by the time you need it! You can rest easy knowing that the nappies you receive are somewhere in the list of top 25 favourites by other cloth nappy users! Book your kit here:

Both Newborn and Brand Trial kits have enough nappies to do cloth “full time” and the nappies and accessories are worth over $600 if sourced brand new! 

Extend your hire: Especially handy for Newborn kits! If your baby  is looking like they will fit the newborn nappies after the standard 6 weeks hire, you can choose to extend the hire for $30/week (for approx the same price for a box of disposables) after week 5  – giving you all the flexibility you need in case your baby grows out of the nappies (subject to availability). 

Nappy Hire Rebates and Subsidies:

Residents of City of Cockburn, City of Bayswater,  City of MelvilleCity of FremantleTown of East Fremantle, Town of Bassendean and City of Belmont Town of Victoria Park maybe eligible to claim 50% of the hire fees (upto a max $100) directly from the council with your invoice. Check the eligibility  and application process on your council’s website.  

Residents of Town of Cambridge (ToC) and City of Vincent (CoV) are eligible for subsidised nappy hire once they attend a Modern Cloth Nappy workshops presented by The Nappy Guru. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page  or Events page for the next workshop. If from these two councils you can book a hire kit using the form below and pay the $100 Bond. We will contact ToC or CoV with your booking form and if approved,  the hire cost will reduced by the subsidy amount. You will be sent a discount code to use to pay for the kit.   

If you are a resident of a council that does NOT offer a subsidy or rebates as yet – why not write to them to get on board? Use this letter template with all the facts and figures to send to your local councillor or waste officer

Sanitation of Nappies: All nappies are professionally cleaned between hires as per the sanitise method recommended by Clean Cloth for your peace of mind removing 99.95% of all pathogens and harmful microbes. 

Hire fees do NOT include postage. We use Sendle, Couriers Please or Australia Post to get the nappies delivered to you on time.  For Perth metro areas this is approx $15. Out of metro areas, PO boxes and interstate,  delivery will be via Australia post and will cost approx $25-$35.

Local pick up (and drop off) is available from The Nappy Guru HQ in  Mt Nasura WA 6112 with prior notice. 

Personal 1-1 Consults and Demos at Nappy Guru HQ in Mt Nasura (or at your home) can be booked by emailing on FB messenger. 

You can even choose to have The Nappy Guru hand deliver your hire kit if you live in the Perth Metro area for a private consultation/demonstration! For just $100, Kam or Sam will “show you the ropes” by going through the nappies and hire kit contents, how to use them, the washing routine on your own washing machine and demonstrate the correct fitting techniques in a 45 min private consultation. This is a great way for you and your partner to be on the same page and get all those questions answered to make the transition to cloth nappies even easier – especially if you cannot attend a workshop!

Returning of hired nappies & your bond:

You can use a courier service such as or or Australia Post to return the nappies after hire or drop off at Nappy Guru HQ in Mount Nasura WA.

Your bond will be returned between 1-14 business days if the nappies are returned in acceptable condition minus any purchases. Refer to our Terms and Conditions of hire about what acceptable condition is here:  Nappy Hire Terms & Conditions 

Expecting a new baby in the house? Get started with our newborn kit. This kit consists of 30 nappy changes of four different brands suitable for babies from 2.5kg to 7kg (newborn to 8 weeks old). The brands were carefully chosen for quality, type, style and ease of use for first time parents. Included in the newborn kit are the following: 

  • 6x Peekaboo or 6 x Baby Beehinds or 6 x Bubblebubs Pebbles – All in One (AIO) newborn/small nappies with Velcro closures and additional boosters or 6 x Bambooty Small Easy Dry Nappies
  • 6x Minnie and Mae or 6 x Seedling Baby Mini-Fit Pocket Nappies with double gussets and thirsty inserts
  • 6x Baby Bare honeypot wraps with 12 x NB Bamboo terry flats or 6 x Seedling Baby Comodo Wrap Mini with 6 x NB Bamboo Terry flats or 3 x cotton NB prefolds  + 3 x cotton NB preflats or 6 x Bubblebubs Bambams with 6 x Cloth Bums NB Covers and snap on insert
  • 6 x All in Two (AI2) nappies Alcmena Newborn Nappies or  6 x Bare & Boho MINI newborn Nappies or 6 x Katapilla Kids NB nappies
  • 6x Alva Baby – pocket newborn nappies or 6 x Cheeky Bunz newborn sized pocket nappies  or 6 x Elf Diaper AIO Pocket Newborn Nappies – all with upgraded or additional inserts

Get in touch via FB messenger or email me on to check availability and customise your order. 

Also included as part of the hire service are these items that will ultimately make your cloth nappy journey easier:

Hire fee is $200 for 6 weeks standard hire + postage (or free pick up from Mt Nasura WA). You can extend hire if baby still fits into newborn nappies after 6 weeks at $30/week. Pay for your newborn hire kit here:

Newborn Hire kits are our most popular product and gets booked months in advance by paying the $100 booking fee with your booking form below. You can then pay the remaining fees 1 month before baby is due. This is the best way to guarantee you will have a newborn kit  when you need it.


New to the world of re-useable nappies? Get started by hiring our trial pack. It includes 20 different cloth nappies of various brands* for babies from 5kg to 18kg (suitable for babies aged 6 weeks to 2.5 years).  The Full Time trial kit consists of the following nappies:

  • 1 x Monarch Store (previously alcmena) 
  • 1 x Alva Baby (pocket or Ai2) or Be Bliss Baby (Pocket) or Little Aussie Monster (Pocket)
  • 1 x Baby Beehinds Magic-alls (sized AIO) or x Multifits OSFM (Pocket or  Ai2)
  • 1 x Baby Bare Cubs (AIO or Ai2) or Baby Bare Teddies (Side Snapping Ai2)
  • 1 x Earth Side Eco Bums (Side Snapping Ai2/pocket) or Bubblebubs Candies (Side Snapping Ai2) 
  • 1 x Bambino Mio Solo (AIO) or Peekaboo AIO or  Tots Bots Easy Fit (AIO) Velcro nappies
  • 1 x Bare & Boho (Ai2 Snap & Wipe) or 1 x Peekaboo (Ai2 Snap & Wipe)
  • 1 x Berry Bottoms (Pocket) or Minnie and Mae (Pocket) or Tuti (Pocket) or  
  • 1 x Boho Babes (Pocket) or Happy Flute (Pocket)
  • 1 x Big Softies (Ai2/pocket) or 1 x Peapods (Ai2/pocket)
  • 1 x Bella Collection or Bottoms Up Junior / Junior Tribe Co (Pocket/Ai2) or Fudgey Pants (Pocket/Ai2) 1 x Seedling baby Multifit (Pocket)
  • 1 x CrackaDaks (Pocket Ai2) or Designer Bums (Pocket Ai2)
  • 1 x Close Pop Ins (Ai2) or Hippynut Whole Nut (AIO) 
  • 1 x Elf Diaper (Pocket) or Mama Koala (pocket)  or Evia (pocket) or Mimi & Co
  • 1 x Econaps (Pocket Ai2 Hybrid) or Fluffy Ducks (Pocket Ai2 Hybrid) or Pekpi (Pocket Ai2 Hybrid)
  • 1 x GroVia Hybrid (Ai2) or  O.N.E. (Ai2)
  • 1 x Hippybottomus (pocket) or My Little Gumnut (pocket)   
  • 1 x Night nappy (Boutique Bums or Bubble Bubs Bamboo Delights with fleece cover) 
  • 1 x Hand made in Australia nappy by a WAHM eg.  Katapilla Kids (Side Snapping Ai2) or Kat’s Creative MCN (Side Snapping Ai2) or  Stitchin’ Titch (Ai2) or Bizaar Bibs n Bums (Side Snapping Ai2) 
  • Option of a swim nappy (Seedlings Paddle Pants or Baby Beehinds Swim Nappy ) or Training pants (Hippybottomus or Baby Bare pull up style)

* You are welcome to request your preferences however all nappies are subject to availability. Email me on to check availability and customise your kit.

Also included as part of the Full time hire kit service:

Hire fee is $150 for 4 weeks hire + postage (or free pick up from Mt Nasura WA). You can pay for it here:

***If you prefer a “Part time” or smaller brand trial kit of say 5 – 10 nappies feel free to get in touch with your requirements and I will work with you to customise the kit to suit your baby and budget (approx $10/nappy/week with min 2 week hire and minimum of 6 nappies). You are only invoiced once the nappy selection and availability is confirmed. Fill out this questionnaire form and I will get back to you with some recommendations*** 

Once you know which nappies you like to purchase I maybe able to offer your between @5-20% off RRP – just ask 🙂

Use the booking form below and pay $100  booking fee (which acts as your bond) if you wish to check availability before payment.


  • Is your baby waking up wet during the night? 
  • Did you try boosting nappies you already have but failed?
  • Do you want to get away from disposables for nights?

It can be daunting and very expensive to try and find a nappy that will last 12+ hours if you had to buy a variety of dedicated night nappies to find one that works…  

Let me help you find a night nappy that will work at a fraction of the cost!

With a choice of 7 different night nappies to test out for 3 weeks (minimum) you are sure to find one (or more) that will give you a well deserved good nights sleep!

Choose from:

  • Monarch Ultimate  (Snap and Wipe nappy) or Boutique Bums
  • Baby Bare Honeypot (OSFM fitted nappy) + honey wrap PUL Cover or Junior Tribe Co’s Nighty Night (OSFM fitted nappy) or Itti bitti boo (fitted nappy available in small) & fleece cover 
  • Sustainable Hemp Products (SHP) Sandman (fitted nappy in sizes M or L) & fleece cover 
  • Baby Beehinds Nights (fitted nappy available in S, M or L)  & wool cover or Baby Beehinds Fitted (hemp &/or bamboo) & PUL Cover 
  • Cloth Bums Knights (OSFM pocket nappy  or Bella Collection Night nappy 
  • Bubblebubs bamboo delights (OSFM fitted nappy) & PUL cover or Elinfant fitted nappy (OSFM) & Alva Baby snap and wipe PUL Cover 
  • Boho Babes Nights Pocket nappy with side snapping PUL cover or Seedling Baby OSFM Pocket with Diversifold 
  • BONUS: Our own Stuff n’ Go –  Night Nappy 

Get in touch via FB messenger or email me on  to check availability and customise your kit to suit your requirements. 

Also included as part of the hire service:

Hire fee is $100 for 3 weeks hire + postage (or free pick up from Mt Nasura WA).  

***If you prefer a smaller kit feel free to get in touch with your requirements and I will work with you to customise the kit to suit your baby and budget (approx $15/nappy/week with min 2 weeks hire and minimum of 3 nappies). .***

You will only be invoiced when I can confirm the nappies you want to try are ready and available for the dates your require. 

Once you know which nappies you like to purchase I maybe able to offer your between @5-20% off RRP – just ask 🙂

Use the booking form below and pay $100 booking fee (which acts as your bond) or just pay for it here:

SPECIAL OFFER For Previous nappy hire clients: 

Night Nappy Hire kit is just $70 (8 night nappies of your choice for 3 weeks) + Bond ($100) + Postage ($15 or free pick up from Mt Nasura WA)!!!! We will refund you  extra $30 when returning the bond.  


“Thanks so much for this service. It was really helpful to be able to try them out. Particularly the fleece and wool covers as I wasn’t brave enough to buy one before! It seems that several of the nappies worked well for our Bub, so trying to decide which of them will be best for us longer term as she gets bigger :-)”  Brie S (Night Nappy Hire Client via email 22/11/21)

If you want to support Australian designed AND Australian Made small businesses – then you must try WAHM (Working at Home Maker) nappies. These are the most ethically made nappies you will find out there which means they can be a little pricey too!

These hand made works of art are the epitome of love, dedication and constant refining from the maker (usually a mumma or grandma) and it’s what sets them apart from mass produced factory made nappies!  With so many WAHM brands out there and growing by the day choosing who to support can be quite overwhelming!  

Typically, WAHM brands have limited capacity for creating large quantities of nappies, so a small quantity of nappies are released using a ballot type system every so often via their website or VIP group on Facebook! It can be very exciting waiting to find out if you were chosen and disappointing too if you miss out – another hurdle for a potential buyer. Then you have the postage costs adding up each time you buy because unlike factory made nappies most WAHM nappies are not found in one store.   

This is why I created the WAHM Nappy trial kit – to help you find the right nappy for your baby – saving you money, time and hassle while supporting a well deserving WAHM with (hopefully) a larger order – WIN WIN WIN all round!    

Your WAHM nappy Trial kit will be made of brands that have been around for over 10 years as well as some relative newcomers who are hoping to build their brand! It’s easy to make a fully informed decision when you have 15 of the best WAHM brands to try on YOUR baby and compare them side by side for full 4 weeks and it’s only setting you back $140 (less if you live in a local council that offers a subsidy or rebate! – WOOT WOOT). 

Don’t worry if you don’t know which WAHM nappies to choose or if you want a mix of WAHM and factory made nappies – fill out the booking form below and I will get in touch with you to personalise your selection of nappies

If you are a WAHM nappy extraordinaire then why not get in touch (email or use FB Messenger) and I would be delighted to purchase your nappies to put them in this WAHM nappy library to get your brand out there

WAHM Nappy Brands currently available (in Alphabetical Order):

  • Bibs n Buns 
  • Bizaar Bibs ‘n’ Bums
  • Bootyful Creations
  • Cabella Creations
  • Created by Katy
  • Ella & Maeve
  • Fe Fi Fo Bum
  • Fox and The Kid
  • Hey Penny Designs
  • House of Bwokie
  • Katapilla Kids
  • Kat’s Creative Mcn’s
  • Kozy Kuddlz
  • Moon Child Modern Cloth Nappies
  • Mum2Bum By Mel
  • Pudding & Pie MCNs 
  • Rikki Roo Designs
  • Ro’shell Designs by Askels Creations
  • Sew Sweet Creations
  • Snuggly Duck
  • Squishy’s got Style
  • Stitchin’ Titch
  • Sustainable Hemp Products (SHP)
  • The Poppy Shop
  • The Nappy Guru
  • Wolf Gang Designs

Also Includes as part of the hire and available to purchase: 

Hire fee is $150 for 4 weeks hire + postage (or free pick up from Mt Nasura WA).

Use the booking form below and pay $100 booking fee (which acts as your bond) or pay for it here:

Once you know which nappies you like to purchase I maybe able to offer your between @5-20% off RRP – just ask 🙂

Please read through our Nappy Hire Terms & Conditions carefully. Use the below booking form to book your kit today.

Booking Form

I've found this a really great, affordable service that has helped ease me into using cloth nappies right from the start with my little one and would be a great way to get more people using cloth without the initial huge set up cost.
Newborn Kit Hire Customer
Best thing was being able to try all the different brands. It was long enough to get to know the different brands and even retry some styles I initially dismissed but found ok after being a bit more knowledgeable.
Brand Trial Hire Kit Customer