Free Modern Cloth Nappy Packs

Refurbished Nappy Packs

Are you curious about starting cloth but currently do not have the financial means? Would it make the start of your journey easier with a super cheap trial pack of 6 x refurbished cloth nappies for $15? 

My aim is to provide cloth nappies to families who are interested in making the change to reusable nappies but my priority will always be to support families in difficult circumstances that they may be facing. It is my hope to ease at least a small burden by providing these nappies to our community.

Difficult situations may include but are not limited to unemployment, low income, low socioeconomic status, displacement, domestic violence, natural disaster relief, adoption and/or fostering. These nappies were donated by generous people around Perth and Australia Wide. My mother has lovingly fixed any slack elastics, I have washed, sanitised (using bleach) and dried them before being offered to your family. Nappies are given out subject to availability and prints/colours/brands are of a random selection.

The typical nappy pack includes six nappies with inserts, an information card with links for fitting and washing and other handy tips are also included. Remember that these are second hand nappies, so there maybe some slight staining or discolouration  but it is still completely safe to use on your child as they are professionally sanitised. However, for your peace of mind, we recommend running a hot (up to 60 deg C) cotton wash on your machine before use. 

***Order and Pay for a kit here: ***

Nappies can be collected free of charge from MOUNT NASURA WA 6112 or will be delivered to your door by couriers if in Metro areas for an additional $10 or by Australia Post to regional or PO boxes for an additional $15. 

How can I help?

These nappy packs were originally Free during the first COVID outbreak in March 2020 but to keep supplying these packs,  I have had to change the pricing to $15/pack to cover the ongoing costs. These include  elastics,  snaps, velcro and printing, as well as resources like fuel for collecting donated nappies,  washing powder, bleach for sanitising, water and electricity to name a few.  

Some generous souls have even helped with monetary donations – we are thankful for any amount from 50 cents to $50 – you can donate to PayPal account to keep this project going -Thank you ever so much from all those who benefit from your wonderful act of kindness.

If you have nappies, inserts or accessories that are in great condition without requiring repairs and want to pass them onto others through this project, please get in touch. Please don’t donate anything you wouldn’t be happy to receive yourself.  Contact me to organise drop off/pickup or posting of donations. In the past I have received brand new items from  large nappy retailers where the items didn’t quite pass their quality checks but still fit for purpose. 

Over 2000 Nappies have been distributed to 300+ families as at 31/03/2022 since starting on 25th March 2020! 

This is an amazing effort we can all be proud of! Thanks to donors of nappies, donors of time and effort (my mum and aunties) and as well as the monetary donations – without these people’s contributions we couldn’t have done this amazing work! 
If you find some nappies you received are unsuitable for whatever reason, pass them along to another parent in your community through RAOK via your local Buy Nothing Page or Pay it Forward pages! If  more than one person apply – direct them to this page to get a low cost trial pack! 
With your help – we can spread cloth nappy love all over Australia!