About Us

Kam - the Nappy Guru

Hi, I’m Kam. Born in Sri Lanka (SL), but living in Aus since I was 10. I have two boys – Ravi & Saji.

Ravi was raised 100% on disposable nappies as I had never heard of MCNs. I wasn’t prepared to do the terry towels and pins along with the washing & ironing that came with traditional nappies (which I had some experience with from when I helped out my cousin with her first baby back in 2000).

Saji came along after I was out of work and when hubby was going through a career change, so money was tight.

I found out about re-usables only when I had to check a package for my sister who now lives in SL. Upon checking the retailer’s website, I was thoroughly confused as I couldn’t understand any of the terms & abbreviations used – it was very confusing and seemed overly technical.

I perservered and researched and eventually found a stall at a Baby Expo with nappies to touch and feel and try on a doll. I also discovered there are Nappy Libraries (where you could try MCNs before buying).

I hired a full time newborn kit through a nappy library and it arrived on the same day that Saji was born. 

The prints were gorgeous, the fabric so soft and I was hooked! After 9 weeks of full time cloth, I was confident that I could handle it and in fact I found it very satisfying and quite enjoyable!

Ravi & Saji, Kam's 2 boys

I know there is a place for disposables (like when traveling), but it doesn’t have to be the norm.

My motto is “be the change you want to see in the world“. I felt strongly that more parents need to know about these awesome re-usable nappies, there wasn’t much available in mainstream shops (that has thankfully changed in recent years). My local council’s waste officer put me in touch with Switch your Thinking. Thanks to a grant that Switch your Thinking received from the Waste Authority of WA for cloth nappy workshops, the Nappy Guru was born!

Sam Rose and her two kids

Hi, I’m Sam and these are my youngest two, Elizabeth and William. Both raised on cloth nappies.

When I had my first two (now teenagers), I didn’t know about modern nappies and I didn’t want to deal with terry cloths and pins!  When my third baby came along 9 years ago, I wanted to give cloth nappies a go, but they weren’t as easily accessible or as affordable as they are now.

With Elizabeth’s arrival 2 years ago, I knew I wanted to use cloth and have managed to do so successfully. Then when William came along, it was easy to continue on with the MCNs.

I stalked all the cloth nappy pages I could find to learn how to use them, wash them and which the recommended brands were.

I hired a newborn kit from Kam for my now 2 year old and that was when we first met. I asked to pop around to her place to see what MCNs were all about and to see some of the hire kits.

I admire the work that Kam does and I asked if I could join her and work alongside her to help make cloth nappies more mainstream.