28 Day Cloth Nappy Challenge

Join our 28 Days of Cloth Nappy Challenge and Win!

Want to find out how many nappies you are saving from landfill and win some awesome prizes? Read on....

What you'll need:

  1. Cloth Nappies – Do you have enough? You only need 3 nappies if you wish to do one cloth nappy a day but you’ll need around 24 if you want to go full time. We have a full range of cloth nappy hire kits available (hire kits come with EVERYTHING you need so you don’t need anything else). If you are after smaller value packs click on the link below and just add the accessories mentioned below. https://nappiesandmore.com.au/collections/bundles-packs
  2. A pack of Cloth Wipes. You’ll be using about 2 per every change and can save you over $500 over 2.5 years with using reusable wipes alone! https://nappiesandmore.com.au/collections/reusable-wipes
  3. A Poo Brush – Yes the awesome Turd Tickler #3000 (aka kmart Silicone dish brush ) that helps to get #2s into the loo where they belong!
  4. A pack of Nappy Liners – I recommend these reusable microfleece liners (not only will they stop stains setting on nappies, they make it easy to plop poos into the loo and keeps your baby feeling dry). Available in packs of 10, 25 or 50!
  5. At least 2 x Wet bags – You can choose various sizes from small snack size bags to Laundry Hamber XL size here: https://nappiesandmore.com.au/collections/wet-bags
  6. A printed out copy of your Personalised Wash routine! Order yours for $25 and print it yourself or get a free printed copy when you order some Nappy Wash magnets!
  7. Your official 28 Day Cloth Nappy Challenge counting sheetDownload it here for FREE. A printed copy is included with every Nappy Hire order! Keep it near your washing machine and count how many goes into the machine or keep it near your change table and tally the nappies going on a bum. Easy PEE-sy <–see what I did there 😛

After completing your challenge, send a copy of the completed and tallied results to:  kam@thenappyguru.com.au  – Deadline to enter is  last day of each Month 5PM! 

You can start any day of the month  as long as you complete 28 days and send in the completed sheet you are automatically in the draw for the month. Show everyone your efforts – Why not tag your local council and us @thenappyguru and use hashtags #28DaysofCloth. You can also  #Clothtober2022 this October 2022! 

All those who sends their completed counting sheets after 31st October 2022 will receive a unique code to save $20 to use at our online store nappiesandmore.com.au (Disclaimer – Voucher will be sent the first time you do this challenge as this challenge is set up to encourage people to start using cloth). You can choose to donate that $20 to our favourite charity thewashingmachineproject.org who provide a manual washing machines to vulnerable communities like refugee camps worldwide- just let us know in the email if you prefer this.  

Prizes up for grabs for our Inaugural #Clothtober 2022 (October 2022):

Prizes for up for grabs for this OCTOBER 2022  to kick off the competition include:

Th be drawn 31st October 8pm AWST on The Nappy Guru Facebook page. The Completed and Tallied copy of your 28 days of cloth diaper challenge counting sheet must be received by 5pm 30th October to be eligible. 

Want to do good for a charity instead? You can pledge an amount say eg 10c/nappy in the count to go to your chosen charity and we will match your donation (to a max of $20). Send us a copy of your receipt and we will send you one back with our donation to the same charity. Another way we can all feel good!


This is your chance to:
1. Start cloth nappies - guaranteed to make you keep going when you see the numbers adding up!
2. Inspire others around you - including your immediate family members, friends and those in your community.
3. Be rewarded for your efforts or Help a charity!
4. Reduce your waste and help our planet!